Restoring CHIP-AZ

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Occasionally it may become necessary to “restore” CHIP-AZ. The steps to be taken are dependent on what has happened to the system and what is available to recover from backup.

Basic Structure

First we will cover the basic structure of the CHIP-AZ application.


What needs to be recovered?

Minimally we need to recover the most current copy of CHIP2000_be.mdb. This file contains the CHIP-AZ data. It should be available to restore from your backup location. What that backup location was is a district/school issue. CHIP-AZ Support does not manage nor is it responsible for configuring your backup. Some districts use CHIPSync with CHIPBack. These products are supported by GLS, not CHIP-AZ Support. Do not restore CHIP2000_be.mdb yet. 

Steps to Restore CHIP-AZ

We are going to do a full install so we get current copies of several files in place.

  1. Go to the web site
  2. Select the link to begin the download.


  1. Follow the instruction on the web page thru step #8 to be sure you have the desktop shortcut.
  2. Now we are going to copy the file CHIP2000_be.mdb from your backup location to the folder C:\CHIP2000. You will be overwriting an “empty” copy of CHIP2000_be.mdb with the file from your backup location.
  3. Looking at the folder C:\CHIP2000 you should see the following.


  1. Open the desktop shortcut CHIP-AZ to be sure the recovered data is present.
  2. Go to Utilities tab, Modifications link to complete install.
  3. When you see the message "Modifications Complete" click OK.
  4. Version / Hotline screen will open. It should show 'Released: MM/DD/YYYY’.
  5. On the Version screen click the link that says "Click this link to let us know you upgraded successfully" to email upgrade notice.

If you have networked CHIP-AZ or manage multiple schools on one computer, the default folder location may be different. Contact CHIP-AZ Support for assistance. 

Other web pages of interest:

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