Enrollment Cleanup  

Click to open a printable Word document or Adobe.pdf with pictures.

Do NOT follow these steps if you believe your Import of Enrollment History from your District or CHIPSync* is not working.

*CHIPSync is a separate software application available from GLS. You will know if you have CHIPSync.  

1.     Open CHIP.

2.     Go to Review, School.

3.     Enter correct First Day of School for this school year.

4.     Backup CHIP.

5.     In CHIP select Utilities, Enrollment, Remove Enrollment History.

    1. No longer removes enrollment history for students in grade G.

6.     Many Student Information Systems do not provide a ’W’ to your school on students that graduate. Assuming you already did promotion,

    1. Select Utilities, Enrollment, Graduated Students – Mark W

    1. Set W Date (below) to a date in the past summer. This will W your G’s that might still be showing E.

7.     Close CHIP.

8.     Open CHIPSync, sync Students and Enrollment or run Import Enrollment from district.

9.     Close CHIPSync.

10.  Open CHIP.

11.  Go to Utilities, Enrollment.

12.  Click Current Status Totals.

13.  The “E” student count should be very close to your enrollment. (If it is far off, stop and contact support.)      

14.  Close the Grade Count query.

15.  Click Utilities, Enrollment, Manage Students w/o Enrollment, Students w/o Enrollment - List. These should be students that are no longer at your school. (If it is not, stop and contact support.)

16.  Click Utilities, Enrollment, Students w/o Enrollment – Mark W (change “Set W Date To:” date to a date in the past summer) and follow prompts.

17.  Close the list.

18.  Click Utilities, Enrollment, Current Status Totals. You should have a much reduced count of Missing and W students.

19.  Close the query.

20.  Go to Review screens, School and enter the number enrolled in Ave Enrollment field.

Click to open a printable Word document or Adobe.pdf with pictures.