BMI Repository 

We are excited to announce that the BMI Repository to collect Height-Weight and BMI data is ready to collect your Ht-Wt data for this year. 

Click here to open a printable document.

To enter Ht-Wt information:

To export your BMI data:

Use Upload links as shown above if possible.

Only if Upload is a problem and you use Outlook for email…


         Double click expBMI_xxxxxxxxx.txt




If Upload is a problem and you  do not use Outlook for email…

  1. Start a new email.

  2. Address the email to the address:

  3. Copy and paste the Email Subject such as “BMI Data from – 070211103 “, exactly, into your email subject.

  4. Attach the Export File Name beginning “expBMI_” to your email. It is found in the C:\CHIP2000 folder.

  5. Send the email.

 Click here to open a printable document.   

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to open '.pdf' files.
Click the picture to the left to begin.